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DeadMoths - Disinclined Beings

Out on worthless recordings as of last month.
What you expect from Deadmoths.
A side is crumbling with sounds that shine through the fabric of anxious walls of fuzz with glimpses of outraged and despondent vocals.
A sifting listen.
 B side features a more lulling track in resonance and delay
 with an abrasive and lingering ending.

Domestic 6ppd / World 7ppd

DeadMoths - Self Titled cs

over 30 minutes of agoraphobic bedroom recordings, power electronics, loops and noise layers with a stratum of mixed in vocals that can only be described as strangled and wrenched in despondency. the sound of crumbling walls and the winds of hell. Comes with insert with brain spew typed out and xeroxed to paper. Hand stamped + numbered on black tapes limited to 50. violently eerie and agitating.
DieRot #4
Bare Character Efforts and Prints

Domestic 3ppd / World 5ppd 

Sold Out.

Black Beasts - Demo cs

So there has been a lot of jabber about this one. IT IS BAD ASS. The tunes on this tape are amping and crude with a recording that leaves you cold and satisfied. Punk influenced USBM. I don't know, this one really rips. Be it the sound of the guitar or the atmosphere around it all, truly a small hint of sound to become more predominant in USBM. Only have a handful of these.
housed in a plastic bag with fold over textured card stock insert sleeve, Fold out poster insert and a black cassette. prints done by yours truly.
Exquisite Morbidity # 1

Domestic 6ppd / World 8ppd

Sold out

Scalped / Cogs and Sprockets Split cs

Scalped. One man fronted guff hardcore. If you are reminiscent about Spazz and or enjoy Weekend Nachos well here you go!
Raw yet clean recording. Slow paced and Blistering all in a small window of time. Hammering.
Cogs and Sprockets. Also one man fronted… This side reminded me of why I loved grind and gurgles before the scene ate it up and sprayed its colorful foil t shirts with annoying slogans, bad hair cuts, nautical star & brass knuckle logos, angle pictures and absurd amounts of vanity on to it.
Shrieks, Gurgles and all good things.
A seriously valiant effort in restoring what once was called grind.
Both acts know exactly what they are doing. Comes on red tapes in a super DIY xeroxed slip cover. Do not let the minimal appearance and price of this item side track how powerful these quick acts are. Personally loop played this tape upon arrival 7 times., Really dig this one. ships in a provided extra plastic bag for extra safety.

Domestic 3.00ppd / World 4ppd

2copies left

DeadMoths Book Marks

Free with orders just ask.