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DeadMoths / Good Fucking Luck Split
Available now.

The bitter outrage of New England living on tape. Noisy and abrasive.
DM: Experimental-Noise-Power Electronics Layered with erratic vocals. Hell Incarnate. 
GFL: Blistering one man fronted, bedroom hate punk with grinding output.
63 copies.
Domestic 5ppd / World 6ppd

Cynicism is a Bare Character put together Compilation.
Some noise, usbm, drone, experimental, minimalism, grind, punk and even a little noisy laptop pop fuzz.
All tracks have been donated by the artists themselves.
This is a free MP3 download compilation.
Comes with artwork and artist info.
100% non profit.
Compiled for the greater good.
Enjoy and thanks to those who contributed or give a crap.